How do you create a shoe that is resistant to unpredictable weather conditions and lives up to high aesthetic standards?

To answer that we, a group of footwear professionals, got together five years ago in Helsinki to create a functional style statement. 


We worked on and refined a footwear silhouette inspired by the Nordic climate and timeless style. We think that if it functioned here it’d function anywhere. From the start we were true to what we believed in, making it authentic and premium, making sure it looks good, lasts and helps keep your feet dry.


It was a challenge to combine all that we wanted. We crafted countless prototypes in our basement workshop. Finally we were happy, and can now show you the result.


For us it’s not just about a shoe. It’s about delivering what people need in a meaningful way. Today the world is so complex, offering so many views that it is daunting. No wonder people seek brands they can believe in. With Tarvas we wanted to create a brand that be a guide for clear compassionate and authentic life.


We live up to it with all the choices we make and by never compromising – I mean, we refined the design for years, so we made sure every millimetre serves its purpose. 


Our mission is to inspire and take care of people on their bold journeys. 

Clear as can be.

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